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Virentreffen, 2022 Oil on canvas 220 x 180 cm

Virentreffen, 2022 Oil on canvas 220 x 180 cm

Venedig: Daniel Richter. Limbo

21.04.2022 - 25.09.2022
Ateneo Veneto San Marco 1897 Campo San Fantin 30124 Venice

Coinciding with the 59th Biennale di Venezia, the Ateneo Veneto presents new paintings by Daniel Richter in the rooms of the Scuola Grande di San Fantin. The works are shown in the palazzo’s historical setting amidst its remarkable decorative programme and alongside 17th-century works permanently installed at the museum.

Large-scale oil paintings by Richter are exhibited in the Aula Magna on the ground floor, while the Sala Tommaseo on the upper floor offers insights into the artist’s archive through a selection of books, ephemera and paraphernalia, alongside new ink drawings and collages.

Built as a caritative institution which offered spiritual guidance for those sentenced to death, the building was converted into an educational institution when the fraternity was dissolved in the 19th century. Today, the Ateneo Veneto accommodates a museum and a major cultural institution, offering a unique setting for Daniel Richter's latest series of works.

Eingetragen am: Dienstag, 10.05.2022

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